My Bucketlist

Alice Pyne Hits The Headlines

On the 10th June 2011 Alice Pyne hit the headlines with her blog, it was not just a normal blog by a teenage girl, it was a blog about cancer. At aged 15, the media was told was that Alice Pyne has terminal cancer. So she made a bucketlist of things she wanted to do before she passes away and posted them on her blog.

One of the main things she wanted to do is to get many people to sign up to Donor Register.

Check out her blog here

Here is my bucket list of things I would like to do over the coming years

Learn to drive a car

Yes I would love to learn to drive a car but it would be something I would have to put on hold as it’s not exactly affordable and anyway my views have changed on driving, I prefer to get the bus.

Complete my degree in Education Studies

My main prority is to complete my degree in Education Studies at Anglia Ruskin University, I will be quite sometime well four years to be exact but I am hoping it would improve my career prospects.

Get a boyfriend

I am afraid guys can wait as I am having a few more months break from the dating scene, I would like a boyfriend but I am changing my man menu when it comes to guys. I will explain about that in future blog posts.

Get married

Getting married would definitely have to wait and that will be left for quite sometime.

Make new friends

Making new friends is one of my top prorities in life because at the moment my only social life is with this computer and family, not because I am lazy and can’t be bothered. But because I am going through a phase where I am finding particular friends very boring and I just don’t see them regular due to commitments

Buy a car

A car would have to wait, I need a job first and of course I need to learn to drive and pass my test

Being healthy

Health has always been hit and miss, I am always getting some sort of infection and never properly recovering from it and it’s always one after each other. But I am hoping this year it will get better for me health wise.

Have a long and lengthy career in journalism or teaching

I am still undecided about my career path and i keep changing what I want to do after my degree one minute I have passion for teaching and then next I have a passion for journalism

Complete my novel and get it published or put on kindle.

My novel will definitely take quite sometime as I have been concentrating on my blog more lately and I am still in the planning stage.

Get 1000+ blog followers.

I think 1000 blog followers is a bit unrealistic at the moment but I am promoting my blog everywhere you name I have done it.

Go on holiday to LA

LA would definitely have to wait but I might be going away this year anyway so a holiday could be a good suggestion.  Nothing has been set in stone

Go on holiday to Florida

Already happened in October 2011.

Interview a celebrity.

I thinking interviewing Harry Derbidge and Amy Childs (ex Towie stars)

If you want to find out more about what happened click on the link below


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