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Have you got a problem needs solving?

Got a problem that needs solving? Having boyfriend, family or work issues and need some friendly and impartial advice myworldmyblog is your own personal agony auntie. As well as answering your own questions I will be putting up regular common problems as seen in magazines and newspapers. If you would like more information about a topic please also let me know and I will research for you and put some links. I might even do a few posts regarding that topic.

Whatever the problem feel free to email me at with the words “agony auntie” or “problem” in the subject line.

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Problem A : My boyfriend doesn’t want to know me

I have a boyfriend and I have been with him for 7months now, at the start of the relationship he seemed really keen about it, but now it seems as though he doesn’t want to know me, and I feel like his love for me is slipping.

I have tried to let him know on how I feel but every time I do it just leads to us arguing. I really do love him and I really don’t know what I would do without him. He used to make more of an effort but now its been 3weeks and I haven’t seen him once, we have talked over facebook but it seems as though he would prefer talk to other girls.

When I ring him up he always has an excuse to either having to go or a reason that he has to talk to one of my friends instead of me. Sometimes he makes me feel really awful and hurts my feelings a lot, but then he is all sweet and every time I can’t help falling for him once again, and before I realise what mistake I made he turns on me again. He has made me cry a lot recently and I have found out he can give but not take. He has often pretended to like other girls and has pretended to dump me leaving me in tears.

I feel like I forgive him to easy but I find it impossible to be angry with him…please help me out! (teenager on myagonyaunt)


Boys can be a pain in the backside you never know what they what my advice don’t dump you may regret it, send him a letter or an email or little note to say you care and if there’s a problem you willing to help him out. He maybe having family issues or he may be depressed or having problems at school/college or university or work. Does he have a brother or sister, why don’t you speak to them about it?

Over to you

Have you ever been in similar situation to this girl, can you help her out and give general advice. Please leave me some comments and they will be on the comment box below?

Please put Problem A so I know what problem you are commenting about.


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