About me

I am Ellana, I am 25 years old and I am currently single but sorry guys I am not looking at the moment.  I live in a small county called Essex in the eastern region of England. I live with my parents and younger brother in a semi detached house in a town of approximately 3,000 people from all walks of life.

My father works for a company called Dial a Ride in London and he drives disabled adults and older persons around London and taking them to churches and shopping centres mainly. He has been promoted to manager after being there approximately six months.  He was recently a fire officer for London but had to give it up due to a lot of problems with both of his hips and he could not be operational.  He did very well in the fire brigade and also ran a canal boat service for children and young people with disabilities as well. I also helped as much as I could when I was younger.

My mother Chris, works for a local florist and is doing really, previously she worked for Marks and Spencer’s but found the hours a lot as she was working twelve hour days and putting up with crappy managers and also she was approaching twenty years of service and was up for a new challenge.

As for music, I love R&B, Hip-Hop, Garage, Grime and Basement and Emo and Pop Rock. I am not keen on classic rock as it drives me insane times and heavy metal is nightmare.

As for TV I love Greys Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, 90210, Bad Girls, Sugar Rush, ER, L Word and Holby City. I used to watch Eastenders but I missed a lot and the storylines got a bit poxy. So I gave up and started watching Hollyoaks and Home & Away. At least they don’t shout at each other 24/7.

As for films I love most films I love action movies, romantic comedies, chick flicks and dance films. I got  into dance films when I first saw Save the last dance and since then I am a total dance film addict. I have seen Step Up, Step Up 2 The Streets, Street Dance 3D, Center Stage, Ice Princess, Hairspray, Honey and Save The Last dance 2

I also love shopping, singing and going clubbing with friends and currently I am writing my first ever novel, it’s taken me time to get sorted I have a had a lot of technical problems the last few months on mac so it’s taken me longer I anticipated.


Here are some facts about me

  •  I have a really good photographic memory and i can easily remember meetings from months just by what happened like a  humourous event or by what my manager wore.
  •  I have dyspraxia
  •  I have frequent infections (cold, flu, stomach problems, uti, and kidney infection all in a year)
  •  I can type a millon times faster than I can write.
  • I can use a keyboard without looking at it or at the screen.
  •  I know sign language pretty well.
  • I am very taste sensitive, certain textures in my mouth i can’t take like mash potato or squirty cream
  •  In 2007 I had reduction operation and i feel a lot lighter.
  • I can problem solve easily yet i do make a lot of mistakes in maths and once i mistakely got stones and grams mixed up in my learn direct group. (I think that was foggy moment)
  •  When I was fourteen and i went to sri lanka with my mum, dad and brother i had a food poisioning and i was seriously dehydrated, so bad that doctor had to come out late into the evening cos i couldn’t swallow or digest any foods or solids no matter how much small i drank/ate i was severely sick afterwards. So i literally spent four days of my holiday in bed
  •  I have flat feet



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