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Published 05/12/2012 by myworldmyblog

Thanks to Rachel for this account of living with M.E

Imagine what it is like feeling drained of energy every day, feeling completely exhausted & always fatigued. Imagine being is awful pain everyday & sometimes strong pain killers don’t even help the pain at all. Imagine what it feels like to feel so weak & sometimes even holding your mobile phone is a struggle. Imagine how you feel when you can’t go out & do things that all your school friends are doing – if you have any left as they all left you when you got poorly as they don’t understand why you can’t do things like they do & why you can’t attend school even if you explain to them over & over again. Imagine what it’s like lying in bed, feeling so tired all you want to do is sleep although your brain is racing & you’re in so much pain that you can’t possibly sleep so you lie awake in bed for hours & when you wake up you feel as though you haven’t slept at all. Imagine getting confused over the tiniest little things, forgetting things straight away & spelling things wrong all the time.

Published 05/02/2012 by myworldmyblog

Very sad news from Denmark: Danish Board of Health threatens to commit seriously ill ME-patient to a psychiatric hospital
The Danish Board of Health says that the diagnosis of ME is the same as insanity and wants to forcibly remove a 23-year old woman, Karina, from her family home. This could happen as soon as May 2nd. Karina is totally bed-bound, is extremely light and sound sensitive and is t…oo weak to talk. She is so extremely ill that there is a real chance that a move could be fatal. Karina’s parents have been trying to get permission to set up an IV at home to help keep Karina alive, but instead the health department decided that Karina is mentally ill and should be removed. The family has been repeatedly told by Danish doctors that the diagnosis of ME is not recognized.

“They do not understand how sick an ME-patient can be with this disease and their ignorance can now have fatal consequences for Karina, “says Rebecca Hansen, Chairman of the ME Association in Denmark.

Please help us by spreading this story on-line and to the media. We would like to get journalists interested in writing about it.
Rebecca Hansen can be contacted at