Day 6 20/04/2012

Published 04/20/2012 by myworldmyblog

Today wasn’t the best of the days for me as I haven’t feeling my usual self recently so I didn’t really have my willpower, I did go to university just I wasn’t my usual happy self.  My first seminar of the day went really well though and I am really getting into the essays for university and then I did some of my ucas form. I am reapplying to Social Work Degree this year even though I am already at university and made me fee better. Then came my second seminar and because my Iworks haven’t been working very well recently I wasn’t able to send my friends the documents they requested over the easter holidays so it put my project back and again I felt really guilty.  Then I did some shopping and went home and for the rest of the day I chilled with my computer and some TV.


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