5 ways to get those A*s

Published 04/07/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hi All

As you well now it’s start the spring and exam season is just round corner and you know that feeling all you want to do is go shopping and try the lovely floral dresses. But neither do you want to be pulling all nighters and risk getting palpitations from a lack of sleep and feeling ill and weary the next day?


Get started

Always make sure you mentally ready to get into studying,quit the caffeine before bedtime and extinguish those fags and get lots of early nights and then yourself into studying

Organise yourself

Always make sure you have enough space to work, I prefer in my room or in the library where is quiet and free from distractions.  Always make sure you have enough light and keep all of your equipment together in a small box or shelf. Invest in some new staionery and get rid of anything you don’t need.

Move away from distractions

That blackberry or iphone driving you insane with the constant messages and text messages, noisy telly driving you insane. Always work somewhere quiet and that suitable to work. If you have kids or pressurising parents, ask them to leave you alone for a bit, agree and stick to boundaries.

Break down work into small chunks

Instead of having a tonne of revision and assignments to do break them into small chunks, devise a schedule that’s suitable for you and take everything a step by step.

Exercise and eat properly

Always make sure you exercise and eat properly to help you concentrate properly, if you have fatigue or a chronic pain condition make sure you get lots of rest and relaxation.



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