School bans an eight year olds walker!

Published 04/05/2012 by myworldmyblog

An 8 year old with Celberal Palsy has been banned from using her walking aid at her elementary school in Kingwood Texas, this happened when the contraption collapsed causing the little girl to fall over. So the school’s head of special needs decided to ban the walking aid which could limit Lakay’s independence. She would have to rely on a wheelchair to get around school property.

Mrs Roberts (the girls mother) heard the head of special needs say ‘Basically she can’t use the walker because we don’t think it’s safe.’

My opinion

My opinion is that the child needs the walker for independence and being able to get from AtoB and that the school are breaking disability leglisation. You have to ask yourself what’s more important a girl’s independence or a few kids not watching where they are going.

Here’s the video on Huffington Post and you judge for yourself

Over to you what do you think?

Comment in the box below.

Read more:–unsafe-children.html#ixzz1rAzZbsFR


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