Caroline Alexander on looking after Ned Cullen

Published 04/04/2012 by myworldmyblog

The Story

Sometime ago a friend of Caroline Alexander died of the debilitating disease Motor Neurone Disease, as mother of five children between the ages five and twenty she had job as childminder for six years, she had previously worked for children and adults with special needs and Scope school for sufferers with Celebral Palsy. Then she spotted an advert in the local paper, had an interview for the care company that employs her and then met Ned and his wife.

Then began caring for Ned, so Heather (his wife) can be a wife to Ned rather than just a carer. Although ned’s decline has been gradual, Caroline had noticed his decline. He went from being able sit up and use his laptop to needing a ventilator and needing 24/7 personal care, he also needed tube feeding as he couldn’t swallow or chew his food.

Here’s a typical few hours of looking Ned

9am:   First carer helps Ned administer his medication and checks his emails, facebook and ebay with help of carer

10am: Second care begins at 10am for two and half hours

12:30  Is helped into comfortable position can take as long as twenty minutes.

and so on

In the interview she discussed about their being a professional distance between Caroline and Ned

“You can’t not be Ned’s friend. It is a physical impossibility. He is such a lovely man and I have spent more time with Ned in the last four years than I have with anyone else. And Heather and Ned have been as much of a support to me. I have gone through a divorce since I’ve known them.


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