Banish those sunday blues

Published 03/25/2012 by myworldmyblog


You know that feeling it’s Sunday you’ve done your grocery shopping local and you have made the sunday roast consisting of vegetables, chicken, potatoes and grocery and now you’re rather knackered after your busy week at work/university. Life can make you tired and you might get those Sunday blues thinking of your hectic communte, busy day at work and general stress of getting the kids ready.

Firstly take time out to pamper yourself, watch a nice movie or do something such as hobby you really like. It doesn’t have to be physical but something you enjoy. 🙂

Then try and minimise stress, have a shower before you go to bed, get the kids uniforms and lunchbox ready for the morning and get an early night.

Always have a schedule and stick to it.

Always go out for  a walk, use the triip to Sainsburys and Tesco as a time to walk round get those shopping done

Be around people, always make sure you are around people and interact with people in your church group or yoga club or some sort of forum you enjoy.

If you are healthy, well and energetic, consider volunteering your time with children and youth groups or with the elderly or people in hospital.


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