The Spring break guide.

Published 03/23/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hi all

The spring break is gonna be starting soon over the Easter period. Its great time to put down those books, pens and paper and relax. Here is my guide on how to prepare your self.


1. Get all of your homework and studying done.

No-one needs a lot of studying ruining your spring break, so it’s best to get it done

2. Get beautiful

Book yourself into spa or beauty salon and get your hair, nails and beauty stuff done.

3. Go magazine shopping

Pop to your local newsagent or supermarket and stock up on your favourite magazines.

4. Clear out

Use the a spare period to sort out your flat, bedroom or living space. Clear out any rubbish you might have.

5. Renew those library books

No one wants library books costing you a fortune so pop on your university or colleges library site or pop in and renew those books.

6. Plan those days

You might want to have a few days chilling at home or you might wanna see friends and catch up with gossip, plan those days.

7. Catch up on tv

Have you been missing eastenders or hollyoaks recently and you need to catch up? Have a look on demand and on the iPlayer for what you have missed and catch up.

8. Catch up on your sleep.

Use the time wisely to catch up on any sleep you have missed.

9. Revamp your wardrobe

Go through the fashion magazines you like and use the time to browse the net for fashions you love and give them a try.

10. Visit the family

Haven’t seen Auntie Doris or uncle Joe for quite sometime? Call them up and visit them if possible.

11. Love reading?

If you really love reading but you do not want to get into your study books, pick up a novel from your personal collection or local library, pick a comfy seat, chocolate, cup of tea and get reading


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