10 Habits I am gonna break

Published 03/22/2012 by myworldmyblog

Here are my 10 habits I am gonna break

1. Biting my nails

I have always bitten my nails and forthe last few weeks I have been letting them grow and so far they are doing well. A few of them are quite weak so I am applying “Nail Rescue Coach” every few days and yes it’s working my nails are getting stronger.

2. Forever checking my facebook and twitter status on the go

Do I really need to check my facebook and twitter status all the time? The answer is no so in future I am gonna read something on my mobile or laptop instead of constantly looking at status updates.

3. Buying doubles of items

I’m forever buying double of items so in future I am gonna task out a list of things to buy rather rely on memory alone.

4. Sending double text messages

This is a quite tricky one, you know that feeling when your sending a text and you are not sure if its gone to it’s recipient and you end up sending twice. It’s great when you have unlimited texts but not great for the person at the other end or if you only 100 texts a month or pay as you go credit. In future I am gonna check my send items to make sure I don’t double text and not hold down send.

5. Over using my backdater on blog

This one thing I definitly need to stop oversusing. You know the feeling you forget a few days of blog posts and you need up back dating a few posts. or where you have forgotten to put Project 365 (A photo a day) on your blog. I do it all the time. Or  I am too busy and can’t post on specific days.  Yes I am guilty of this “blog offence”.

6.  Over using iplayer and 4OD

Since the lovely invention of catch up tv. I have been missing programs and recently I have missed Holby City. Thinking “I will just catchup later” and when Tuesday comes along I have forgotten to watch the previous weeks of Holby.  Does anyone do this?

7. Leaving my emails in a mess

As you know with emails you have lots of newsletters, blog mailers to read etc and personal emails. But often my email gets cluttered and I admit I am too lazy to clean them up. So in future I am gonna set a few minutes every day to clean them out.

8. Forgetting to reply to penpal letters.

As you know my favourite hobby is penpals I have been doing since I was 15 but often I forget to send a reply back and it’s often months before I realised and by that time lots has happened. So in future I am gonna put it on my calendar as to do list  to remind me and I will get hold of those sticky notes and stick reminders everywhere.

9. Forgetting cups

You know the feeling you take a cup of tea or coffee upstairs to work on something and then the next thing you know there’s the entire collection of mugs in your bedroom/study room. I am forever doing this, so in future I am gonna either drink downstairs and put the mug in the dishy or simply take them down frequently. Otherwise there wil be no mugs downstairs!

10. Being late for uni

Yes I do admit I can be always late for uni or some sort of appointment and it’s mainly because I am undecided on what to wear, doing my hair and make etc or that dreaded phone call from gran. In future I am gonna get  my clothes and bag ready the night, before, leave make-up and hair to when I have a few minutes spare in the day.  (In between lectures and seminars when I have a two hours break and get the early train.


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