Saturday Questions

Published 03/03/2012 by myworldmyblog

1. Where is your favorite vacation spot and why?
I really love to go and see my auntie in Nolfolk and my auntie and uncle in Braintree as I love the countryside and quiet surroundings. I used to love visiting London for shopping and tourist attractions but now I hate all the travelling, busy people and crowds.
2. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
My favourite guility pleasure is settling down with large cup of tea, some galaxy chocolate and watching dvd boxsets and movies. I love chic flicks, action movies, dramas and medical dramas.
3. What is your favorite fashion trend right now? Or, in the past?
I am really loving the laid back California trend right and now it’s so simple to do. But my advice don’t be too sloppy and neglect your personal hygiene or just wear PJs 24/7. Pjs should be for chilling and bed only
4. What are your spring break plans?
Well while my parents are away on holiday I am having a mini spring break, I am having my friends over for some of the time I was thinking girls night in with lots of tv, nibbles, magazines and pampering. It’s also my friend’s birthday on the 12th March so I was thinking of doing something special for her. Then I am going to see my auntie in Nolfolk for a few days which should be good.
5. What movies are you going to watch over the next few weeks to keep you entertained?
I was thinking of going through my movie collection and watching movies I haven’t seen in years and I also have movies which are more recent I haven’t got around to seeing. But I am definitely gonna watch Devil Wears Prada as a perfect chic flick and Dear John and St Cloud. I might also watch Saw and The Panic Room. I might also have a weepy night and watch My Sisters Keeper and Raise Your Voice

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