Wanna get featured on my blog?

Published 03/03/2012 by myworldmyblog

Wanna Get Featured On MyWorldMyBlog?

Here is an idea rather than me sending out a boring question and answer email why don’t you fill in this simple form below (removing mine) and then comment it/email it back. My favourite will get featured on my blog

Personal Data

Name  Ellana

Age 25

Gender Female

Location: Essex

Your Faves

What is your fave shops: Topshop, Newlook, Abercrombi and Fitch, Holister

What is your fave band/group: JLS, The Saturdays

What is your fave singers Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson

What is your fave tv programme? Holby City, ER, Greys Anatomy, House,  Towie, 90210, The OC and Bad Girls,

Your Top 3 Fave Websites




Top 3 Favourite Magazines




Do you have a pet? no


Describe yourself in three words happy, bubbly and ambitious

Three things you love: My blog, magazines and music

Three things you hate: Sport, house-chores

What celeb would like to be for the day? Demi Lovato

Lets Chill Out








Whats your favourite place to chill out? in my room

What’s your fave hobbies: I love reading books, magazines, I love blogging and MSN

Do you prefer chilling in your room or round your mates? With my mates

Who are your best buds? Kat and Kayleigh



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