Shareable headlines

Published 02/26/2012 by myworldmyblog

Here 8 ways to achieve a headline that is truly shareable.

  1. How to “How to” articles show the reader how to do something. “How to set up inbox rules for messages on hotmail
  2. Lists: 5 ways, 5 tips, 5 trends, etc.Lists indicate that the content is easy to digest for example list 5 ways to improve writing in your blog, these are easily read and are quite simple and easy to do.
  3. Negative headlines: 5 Common Mistakes in….
    These headlines indictate that something negative could happen, like five common mistakes women do in a first date
  4. Adjectives: Use adjectives to describe a how to? “Amazing ways of how to organise your work load?”
    These make the reader want to read on rather than just putting “How to organise your work load” Quite boring I think.
  5. Urgency: 5 New ways to write a letter to a penpal? These subject lines give urgency to your posts
  6. Exclusivity: The Insider’s Guide to creating the natural look? These posts create exclusivity like no-one has heard about natural make up collection fro m rimmel
  7. Explanatory: Why Your blog is better than “BBC News” blogs?
    This explains something in depth and gives reasons
  8. The Name Dropper: 5 reasons why Madonna’s new album is amazing? These name drop celebrities, businessman, music artists for you to give an opinion

    Great headline: I Wanna Be a Baller, Shot-Caller, Drywaller

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