Scattered me

Published 02/26/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hey All

I was reading Marie Bock’s blog this morning whilst sipping my cup of tea and I noticed she had post called Scattered Me and this this post she shares her experiences of feeling scattered. You know the feeling you’ve got a lot on your mind, from post drafts, things happening at work, stresses of every day life and you feel like you have not enough hours in the day to get it done. In her posts she writes how she working on ten drafts on list and moving to Germany.

Here she writes in her her own words.

Blogging has made me realize just how scattered I am.  I had a clue before but it’s very obvious now.

I have 10 different draft posts but keep thinking of something else before I publish them.  I think it’s because I am overambitious.  I would love to know everything about everything.  A few months ago, I was hoping to learn German and one day move to Germany.  It is still my dream to move there one day or at least visit.  There are only so many hours in a day.

If I had a choice of more money or more time, I would definitely pick more time.  All the things I want in life don’t cost an insane amount of money but require more time than I have.  Since I don’t have the option of more time in a day, I give a little here and there to each of my goals.  By the end of the day, sometimes I just feel scattered.

I definitely know that feels from having lots of blog posts to do as well as current affairs and things happening now as well as other things in my personal life.

So I commented on her blog post with the following

I definitely know how you feel, I have been blogging since Jan already my brain feels fried. Too much to do with blogging and somedays I feel like I need to hire an office of people just to manage my blog. Anyway check me out too :)

My advice

If you are trying to manage too much at once take a step back and think would it be better to break up tasks into small chunks and plan ahead. Some planning ahead would definitely help in this situation and avoid letting your post queue/pending posts getting to high and you end up feeling overwhelmed. Learn to prioritise your posts and set small manageable deadlines.Make use of your email’s task and calendar list to block in things that have to be done, carry a small notepad for ideas and things have to be done and make use of your mobile phone. Also see if you’re software is available offline or on ipad/ipod or iphone or whatever product you use or see if there’s a cheap alternative. I found that I use the office programmes and note pad to create drafts offline to save time. (Also great when you have  dodgy internet connection) Also get hold Evernote, this simple software is available on most platforms including Iphones, Ipads, Ipods and Blackberry as well as personal computers and on the web. Simply register, login and create posts and then each post you do is saved on every platform you use.  Then copy and paste on to your system. Then at least you can blog on the move. It’s also the same for every day life as well.

Don’t forget that cup of tea or cup of coffee.

I use a variety of services to help me to organise my life so I don’t feel overwhelmed, just make life easier for you.

Follow this guide on “5 Ways to calm down quickly”

Or simply move on to something else whether it be a book, tv program, studying or whatever you do or something work related. or if you could do some house chores, I am sure iron hasn’t seen the light of day for a few days.


2 comments on “Scattered me

  • Thanks for the mention! I decided yesterday that my work from home blog is going to take a backseat on the weekend. I hate to do it but something has to give. I didn’t realize how time consuming blogging was going to be when I started a few months ago. I figure it’s better to give myself two days off from it then burn out and never return to it.

    Thanks for the advice! I run on Coffee =)


    • Thats a good idea 🙂 I am having to take it easy the last few days with my blog and avoid doing too much, I haven’t been well the last few days and plus I am stressing over uni and getting a job

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