SITS Forum Topic : Organising your blogging time

Published 02/24/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hey All

Recently I have been on the SITS forum for blogging, the same forum I use for the 31 Days and a topic was posted up Floors of Gold about organising your blogging time and this is what I put. Again I have edited it slightly so that it’s suitable for all audiences.

Organising your blogging time

I try and do things all in one go for example I would make sure it’s in a logical way. I.e if I am working on blog post, I would get my information and pictures, compose the draft blog post, preview it and then add whatever is necessary and then it would automatically be on facebook, twitter etc.

I also go on to forums and publlise there as well in the profile setions, signatures and email signatures/away messages.

Just whatever that needs to be done. I also blog on the go and I would recommend it and i regularly monitor my comments and I have to do list as well within my calendars and I use my contacts, email system (hotmail) and skydrive to my advantage and use all the tools available.

I also use scribefire to save time and office packages too.

I would also recommend and always have to do list of things to do.

block things on calendar

For example 1-2pm Saturday 25th work on health section of blog.

I am also going to have specific days for certain subjects.
For example every tuesday I will blog about education topics (in the media)
I blog whatever is the news on that day too as well as what I have been up regards to health. I also found it’s best to keep to one blog post at a time to avoid confusion and fustration


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