9 ways to begin blog posts

Published 02/24/2012 by myworldmyblog

9 Ways to begin blog posts

Sometimes starting blogging posts can be quite difficult especially if you haven’t blogged for quite sometime.  You might have some ideas, photos and points you want to make, but what do you say to get the blog rolling.

Hook up these seven eye openers to get more followers

1. State a problem

There maybe a problem you have read about in magazine or in a newspaper or heard about via a friend or family member. State the problem and then offer solution to overcome this problem, you can offer tips, services and products reviews to help other people solve the same problem

2.Offer a statistics

Statistics can be quite boring to some but they come in handy for example if you are writing about teenage pregnancies rates in the UK. Always check your statistics and information are correct before publishing.

If you like technology, check out this site to get your facts right http://www.factbrowser.com/

You can also use a the UK National Office for Statistics. http://www.statistics.gov.uk/hub/index.html

Another site you can use is http://data.gov.uk/

Please bookmark these sites on your browser.

3 Tell a funny riddle

It’s simple tell a funny riddle to catch your readers attention and use it to open up a subject or just for jokes.

4. Ask a question

Just ask a question, it could be something “What do you think is gonna happen in the next episode of Eastenders?” This is a very open question you will get a lot of responses. Another question could be something like “Did you know that the muffins in Tesco (state the obvious details) have 500 calories?  Then you could write about it terms of what people could eat that has less calories.

5. Use a famous quote/song

Find a famous or well known quote/song you know on google and use it to open up your blog post.

6. Make controversal statement

Make a bold controversial statement about a product, service, trend or situation and offer tips and advice to your reader or create ad debate within the blog post.

7. Tell a story

It could be what you did today and or something that happened to you or someone you know or celebrity and tell it in your own words. Add some pictures from google or your own private collection to break up the text and to tell the story.

8. Become an agony aunt

Find a problem page in magazine, newspaper or blog and do your own, create a page within your blog or make it a monthly task to answer a common problem people ask about and offer your advice. But let people know that you are not professional unless you are. You can promote your agony aunt problem pages on other blogs or within online forums, communities and facebook. Take a look a cosmopolitain magazine forum and you find plenty of problems and then ask/suggest to help out and promote your service.

9. Start your blog with dear diary.

Start your blog with dear diary/dear kitty and use it like your own personal journal/diary of what you have done today, critique and advise yourself, imagine you were reading your blog as “follower” how would you advise yourself?


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