Day 1 BC Analyze A Top Blog In Your Niche

Published 02/23/2012 by myworldmyblog

In this topic on the forum we have to analyze a blog that is related to niche (blog subject) Here is what I put on the forum and shared on my blog.

So I chose Irocksowhat as it fits my niche as I Love fashion and beauty, the posts are really simple and easy to follow and i don’t find myself getting too bored, I also like the size and format of the text and layout is very professional yet very girlie. She has her own twist to the website. I will definitely be subscribing to her blogalerts.


Finally my second my blog I will posting about is about someone called Chlay Esmae, she is twenty year old singer/songwriter who has severe M.E In her posts you follow her progress, ups and downs of living with a chronic fluctuating illness and she also fashion and music in her blog posts too. I found the blog also very easuy to follow, the text was an excellent size and it’s well presented. The layout is very girlie and is more like a diary entry. As Chlay is a friend of mine I have already subscribed to her blog.



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