Neil’s Story GOSH

Published 02/22/2012 by myworldmyblog

This is Neil’s Story (Taken from Dyspraxia Forum)

The week before my apocalypse I have bought a brand new shinning Italian bike (Buster) I was excited and looking forward to riding Buster to work every day. On the first day, I cheated I got a train half way though the six-miles route, on the second day I repeated the dishonest deed. On the third day I gave up and got a lift in. Thanks Dad! At work I felt sick and really tired, but somewhere found a way to complete my work. I was fortunate enough to get a lift home from a kind woman from Mauritius. What she didn’t expect was me releasing the yellow stuff from another part of my body — my mouth. I stroll in the house looking like a drunken man on a Sunday morning. But worst was to come, I kept on waking up being sick. At 7pm I told my father I was unwell and couldn’t go in to work tonight. He rushes me to the A and E department, I was in pain, passing out on the hard floor with one eye on my father. I woke up on a bed with wire and needles. I had more wires than a Japanese computer. I was seriously in trouble, fighting for my life. I stop breathing for 12 seconds and was pronounced dead, thanks god for the defibrillation.

I spent Christmas day and Boxing Day in a hospital bed, Merry Christmas Neil! I left the hospital in pain and found it hard to eat because I had a sore throat. I sit down with my father and my step-mother to discus my life. I was a change man; I wanted to put my health at the top of my agenda. A week after my stay in hospital I went for a mile bike ride, reality has now kicked in. I was totally unhealthy, and needed to make changes. “So I did!” started to put on weight with the help of my step-mother fine cooking. mmmm Delicious!

For years I have volunteering in youth clubs and scouting group. But there was one special place in my heart for an absolutely astonishing place, “Great Ormond Street Hospital” (GOSH) I have always respect and love the work the hospital does provide the best possible care for sick children. I checked their website, and found that they have got a Scouting group “The 17th Holborn (Great Ormond Street Hospital) Scout & Guide Group.” I sent the group an e-mail, telling them about the work I do with my beaver colony, they were really keen on meeting me. On the 20 of January I visited the hospital for the very first time. I feel in love with the place, I sat with one special little girl called Kirsten. She would change my life; sadly she has got cancer and has been in hospital since November. She is totally amazing! We chatted for half an hour talking about her favourite boy band; the Wanted, her two kittens Hope and Derby. I will never forget her. God Bless!

I wanted to do something not just for Kirsten but for every single child at Great Ormond Street, so I signed up for nightrider 2012 as well as volunteering as a youth worker at the hospital on a Saturday

Thank you for reading my story, please please please support me by helping rising money for Great Ormond Street.

I love you all

Neil xxxx


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