Burning my right hand

Published 02/20/2012 by myworldmyblog

Today hasn’t been the best of days, I burmt my hand on one of those hot water dispensers and it is very painful. It happened when I was running a bit of short of time for my lecture in the post graduate building and I my myself  a cup of tea but instead of pouring the water into the skinny and thin paper cup (they are rubbish) I poured it straight on my hand, it didn’t hurt for a minute and then to make make matters worse I splilt loads of tea on my hand and some how carried into the lecture theatre.

The rest of the lecture was very painful and I spent most of it it agony for the entire hour. Was it exhausting or what? Anyway the rest o the lecture went well and I managed to do one of those  spider diagrams with my left hand although it is very messy and then I made my way back to the main building, lucky there was someone on reception and I spoke to her about what happened and she called the first aider. Luckily she was understanding and I put my hand under the cold water which made it worse.  I am very sensitive to cold and hot water than a normal person do I feel it longer. ( I have a low pain threshold, so what a normal person can probably take I can’t. Even the smallest of injuries can be quite painful for me.

 So we went over to the rivermead  doctors surgery. I am not a patient but I was seen as temporary patient.  Then came my long wait to be seen, it took ages but finally I got to see the nurse and GP. Finally at last, I explained to her what had happened at 10:00 and both looked at my hand. Luckily I hadn’t injuried it badly and just needed to rest and then we went our seperate ways. I explained to the first aider with doctor and nurse what happened and finally it got sorted.

I can still type although it can be quite painful so I am taking it easy and resting when I need to. As for my next seminar/workshop at 4pm I will see what happens it will probably ease off by then which should be good.



One comment on “Burning my right hand

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