My 100th Landmark

Published 02/18/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hi All

Today is my 100th post land mark and well done me. I have made it to my 100th post at last and was it a long journey or what. So please bare with me as I celebrate my 100th post milestone. For me I wasn’t thinking that would get to my 100th post but I am there at last.

But the truth is, I have learned a lot of things a blogging since I started my my adventure.

1). Blogging is fun.  I have realised that blogging can be a fun at first it was a bit of daunty prospect but now as I am blogging everyday and I was thinking how the hell am I gonna fit it in and now I am waking up early or getting up early in the small hours thinking about my blog. I am also realising that blogging can be very fun, instead of keeping to boring “what you did today posts” I am a lot more adventureous and I am even guest posting too.

2). Balancing humor and seriousness isn’t always easy. Ugggh! It drives me crazy, being able to balance humor with seriousness can be a very difficult as I do not want to scare away my followers, neither do I want to come over as silly all the time and not get taken seriously for key debates, issues and current affairs.

3). The more you blog, the more you’ll want to.  I have found that the more I blog the more I want to blog I am now blogging more than three times at day at strange times and places. I am always blogging in the bathroom or in the kicthen and I am finding that I am blogging at 2am somedays or just thinking about my posting.

4). Readers are important. My readers are very important to me and I post to advise, help and support other people in a variety of topics. To me they are not just keyboards at the end of the day, they are real people.

5). Some people blog about the strangest things… Yes some people do blog about the strangest of things like someone posted about the insides of their car. It must of been a mechanical blog or something.

6). Never leave home without a pen and paper. In fact I never leave home without a pen and paper or some sort of diary or notepad. As I never know if I am gonna think of something to write about, I mean I could be walking down the street and then randomly I could think this is good idea and the forget it ten minutes later.

7). Family members don’t always understand your blogging habits. For two months my family didn’t know I had a blog but now they do.

8). Redesigning my blog is just too much fun! It’s true redesign my blog is really fun and simple to do whether it be

9. Blog post ideas come from the strangest of places. My blog ideas come from the strangest places I could be on a bus or train or just walking down road minding my own business and instantly come up with a blog post. Or I could be round my aunties, friends or at work and suddently I would come up with a post. So I would recommend taking a notebook, pen or your mobile phone with you to jot down ideas.

Leave a comment below and help me celebrate my 100th post! Thank you all for reading!


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