Published 02/18/2012 by myworldmyblog

Fashion Bloggers, Why!?

I really want to know who was the asshole who started this trend. I want to know who was the first idiot to ever say “you know what I need? Some big framed glasses with no lenses. And maybe a cute little bow tie… that would totally kill it”.

Let me tell you this: if I walked out of my house with my pretty blazer and my cute ankle boots and a cervical collar, I would look stupid, right? If I was walking down the street with a pair of crutches and high heels, I would look really really stupid, right?

So, why is that different from wearing glasses you don’t actually need?!?!

Ugh… stupid bloggers, wearing stupid glasses, looking like fucking rapists… I think that short-sighted people all over the world should be mad at those who wear glasses just to look “cool”.

The only thing that I hate…

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