Published 02/13/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hi All

Today has been a very good but I had a lot of walking and waiting around. I had my first lecture of the day with “Dave” at Anglia Ruskin University, the lecture went pretty well and I also made a few new friends as well. Then after the lecture I headed off to the library to get some studying done and charge my mobile. I also recieved an email from the employment team at ARU and replied to them about the job opportunity of a mystery shopper within the university. I also to sort out my library books and so what else that needed to be done. Then I had some lunch and headed over to the bookshop and got a wonderful textbook for my studies. I also discovered I can download ebooks (PDF files) and view them on my HTC. Then I did some studying, I also had a few email  follow ups I needed to do, I also had other books I needed from the library.

Then I headed over to my next seminar over in the Marconi building, my seminar went really well just wished I knew what “Adam” was talking about and then half way through I realised I had missed the lecture that was supposed to be this morning. Blooming Evision system didn’t update till a few hours after the event. It was not there when I checked in the morning.

Anyway once I knew what was happening I explained what happened and made a few calls down to timetabling to find out what happened and they said it was technical problem. Anyway, after the hour seminar I grabbed a coffee and headed off home on the train, them throughout the evening, I rested and watched some tv and used my computer for a bit and then headed off to sleep.



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