Windows Live The New Revolution

Published 02/12/2012 by myworldmyblog

Windows Live The New Revolution

Want to know more about Windows Live and my guide to this wonderful invention of web based email? Here is my guide showing you the hints and tips of using this powerful system, in this report, I will be going through the history of windows live hotmail and then I will be showing you the useful features and finally I will be giving you hints and of using this powerful system.
Life can be a bit stressful and with our ever changing schedules and working long hours, everyone likes to work twenty four seven.  In the past, people relied on letters and paper diaries, notepads to get them through the day. Now in our modern society people rely on technology to get through the day with our ever changing smart phones, gadgets and technology developments. Letters and paper diaries have become a thing of the past. People now want their information to get to its recipient now rather than a few days later.


It was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Smith in July 1996 andwas launched as “HoTMaiL” and was aqauired by Microsoft in 1997. The free web based email service at the time offered Hotmail Calendar, an easy to and simple calendar, tasks and notepad integration with MSN Messenger which has become very popular for teenagers and young people. As well as the world’s largest email service with nearly 364 million users worldwide. The service was renamed “MSN Hotmail” a and then finally it was launched Windows Live Hotmail. The service is available worldwide and and easily accessible from any computer with a an internet connection. Throughout the years, Microsoft have upgraded the space from 50MG to 250MG.

The Old System

Now in 2012, Windows live have changed the layout of the inbox, it now has the sweep function, as simple moving from the main inbox to separate folders for easy organising. Now as well as installing the Windows Live Messenger you can chat to your contacts from the web based messenger. Windows Live Mail, now has simple access to photos and Skydrive.  Skydrive allows users to upload and edit OneNote, Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your browser as well using your own word-processing applications.
Also with integration of Facebook, Twitter and Blogger, you can update your status or blog posts from your browser as well. You also have the useful Windows Live Profile. which is like having all of your social networks in one place. The service is also available on many devices including Ipads, Iphones, mobile phones and other smart phone with integration of all services on your device. It also saves time and money, as well as space on your device and everything is available at the click of a button.

The New System

Hints and Tips on Windows Live

Here are some hints and tips of making use of Windows Live

Clean up your inbox

No one likes a messy inbox so frequently use the sweep system to easily remove email messages from your main inbox into either their own personal inbox or simply the deleted items. You can also use the drag and drop feature as well routing certain emails to certain folders.

Clean up contacts

Keep your contacts clean by removing anyone you haven’t emailed and ensure that their contacts are all up to date.

Sending emails

You know the feeling you are writing a long email to a friend or family and the suddently out of nowhere the internet connection cuts out and you loose all of your work.  Make use of the drafts folder on the left and make sure in the settings that composed emails are automatically saved in the drafts. Also save time and make use of notepad or skydrive for longer emails or simply use a notepad on your desktop or programs. (What ever system you are using)

Mailing List.

To many mailing lists can really clog your inbox always make sure sign up for the ones you want and create a folder just for them to save time in reading and deleting.

Calendar and Tasks

Instead of relying on an old fashioned paper diary make use of the calendar and tasks section to manage your social, work appointments, personal life and general every day usage. It will automatically be added on to your smart phone or mobile or device and vice versa


At college, school, university or work want to create documents, presentations, reports and essays without having to use your main system? Don’t have office or open office installed on your computer and want to quickly edit or create a document on the train/bus? Use the skydrive, it has has large storage system to create and edit word, excel, powerpoint and one note documents on your web browser or other device and plus you can upload and send on emails as well. The possibilities are endless.


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