Stressed? Need to chill out?

Published 02/11/2012 by myworldmyblog

You know the feeling you may of had a few nights of bad sleep maybe looking after a poorly child or adult or you have had to many late nights studying for a test or working on some assignment. You get home and you just need to chill out and feel better.  But you don’t feel like going dancing with your mates or sitting in some grotty pub.  Here’s a girls guide to de-stressing and chiling.

Get your supplies

Everyone likes chocolate, its a great feel good factor and often eating chocolate makes you feel happy. I like galaxy chocolate because its smooth and yummy. But you can have a large variety to choose from your local supermarket or convenience store.

Make yourself a drink

Now make yourself a drink some a hot tea to unwind

Get comfty

Get yourself comfortable, nobody likes to chill in their dirty work clothes or smart clothes and remove any make up or grime from the day. I like wearing my jogging bottoms and sweater or hoddie especially during the winter months because it’s easy. Don’t forget your slippers or UGGs.

Turn off that work phone

Nobody likes an interupted text message or work email from disrupting your chilling in time

Phone a friend for a chat.

Have you you been neglecting your friends recently or a family member? Give them a random call to how they are and give them some gossip. That two way conversation is nice out way to relax.


Everyonne likes the tv but often it can be a bit boring and no-one really wants to sit through endless cookery programmes or people in debt or need to loose weight. So instead put on your favourite drama or soap and get hooked in. If you have catch up TV watch something you haven’t seen or a missed episode of Eastenders and or Corrie. If nothing takes your fancy put on a movie or dvd boxset you like.

Here are some other ideas you might want to try

1. Try out sewing or some other craft or art

2.  Create a blog and get posting

3.  Send an email to a friend

4. Skype your friends

5. Get a penfriend or few

6. Start writing a novel.

7.  Look into the latest fashion trends and beauty

8. Check out the websites of the sun/daily mirror or magazine.

9. Join a crafting or art group

10. Make your own clothes.

11. Sort out your PC, do you really need lots of programs or does your documents and files need sorting

12. Look into Open University or some other distance learning provider and start a course.

13. Have a themed night in on your own or with friends

14. Paint your nails, do your hair.


My main advice is avoid stressful situations at home



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