Boring football game on tv trying to stay awake?

Published 02/11/2012 by myworldmyblog

Here are a few things you can do when the men of the house are watching some football game on the television

1. Listen to a debate on the radio station

2. Listen to music and do some house chores.

3. Sort out your room

4. Do some studying for a course, take up a hobby

5. Write a novel.

6 Send a letter to a penfriend

7 Join a forum or social networking site and get community together

8. Read a blog

9. Go shopping

10. Do some internet shopping

11. Write your own blog

12. Create your own video diary on youtube

13. Sign up to a new email account and start fresh

14. Sort out your calendar, tasks

15 Sort out your mobile phone and laptop.

16. Download some songs

17. Sort out your music collection

18. Have a chat with friends online

19. Have a go at crafts and art.

20. If you drive, go out for a drive.

21. Visit a friend or relative closeby

22. Make some cupcakes

23. Have a go at cooking something you haven’t cooked before.

24. If you have a dog, take it out for  a walk.

25. Do a to do list for the tomorrow

26. Do a shopping list.

27. Read a book

28. Read a magazine

29. Write for my blog.

30.Sort out the kitchen cupboards




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