Calling all creative writers!

Published 02/11/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hi All

Are you the next J K Rowling or Tess Gerristen?

Are you the next disability blogger or current affairs journalist?







Want to see your work featured on my blog?

1. Short story competition 

Simply send me either a short story of about 2,000 words about any subject you like and it will featured on my blog. There is only one winner.

2. Newspaper/magazine report

Imagine you are a reporter for The Times or some other magazine or news paper you read and you reporting on a current issue or debate. Write a report on a current issue that interests you and sent it to me. There is only one winner for this competition.


Your story or report will published on my blog.

How to enter?

  • Simply send me an email to with your story or report and I will pick one from each competition at random.
  • Please put “writing competition” in the subject line.

If you have a blog  please also send me the link too

Entry: Free

Closing date:  1/04/2012.

So get your skates on 🙂


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