Useful apps on the HTC

Published 02/10/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hi all
If you have a HTC you may be wondering what apps are useful on your smartphone? Most of the preloaded apps are really good for example the office system is very simple and easy to use and works just like the computer version.

Here are some other apps I have found useful on my HTC (windows mobile)


Evernote is note taking software thats available on most devices including ipads, iphones and now the HTC. The main advantage is that you write something on your ipad and then comtinue writing it on your personal computer. The Evernote on HTC is very easy to use, you simply login and usual with your username and password and create note, you can add in video clips, links to other websites and pictures and the simple copy and paste from websites. The only draw back is that your mobile needs the internet to use it and it can cost you.

Amazon kindle

The amazon kindle for HTC is very simple to use simply login with your username and password, sync your amazon account with your device, download your ebooks and continue reading a book like normal. You can also increase the text size and bookmark the page you are on. With the amazon kindle, you can be on a train or a bus and you don’t have to carry heavy books around with you or read the boring free daily newspapers like the metro.


WordPress for HTC is also very simple to use you simply login with user name and password and go to create post and then create your post and there you go. You also have the option to save drafts, backdate entries, create pages and view stats and comments about your blog. The advantage of blogging on the htc is that its very portable you don’t have carry a heavy laptop and charger with you.

Monthly tracker

Monthly tracker is a simple calendar to track every time your monthly cycle is due simply add in the first day of your period and how you felt and it will work out what day it will roughly be finished and for the following month it will give a rough estimate of the next cycle. You can also add symptoms like nausea, heavy bleeding and acne and use it as tracking tool for your GP or specialist to identify any problems you are having.

I hope you enjoy reading this post and if you have any other useful apps for htc you would like me to review or review yourself please feel free to give me a bell on my email address at and I will respond promptly. 



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