what would I do with £3000?

Published 02/10/2012 by myworldmyblog

If I had £3000 in the bank and I didn’t have to pay for my mobile phone(monthly contract) or daily essentials like travel and food for lunch, what would I do with it?

  1. Pay off anything that needs to paid (Maybe £500 towards my course fees)
  2. Subscribe to wordpress paid account
  3. Get a domain for my site.
  4. Buy a battery for my laptop.
  5. Subscribe to spotify prenium
  6. Buy myself new clothes from A&F, Holister and get some UGG boots. (£500 estimate)
  7. Give my bedroom a techno update
  8. Take my best mates shopping and pampering and maybe the weekend in a 5* hotel (£250 estimate)
  9. Go and see Rihanna in Concert (£25)
  10. Go and see Katy Perry in concert £25)
  11. Buy a pug (£350)
  12. Treat myself to lots of PS3 and Dvds boxsets. £100)
  13. Subscribe to Hotmail Plus (£15.00)




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