My guide to saving money

Published 02/09/2012 by myworldmyblog

Here is my brief guide to saving money.


Everyone loves a book, whether you are an avid book reader  or just starting out reading books, you will find something you like. But you do not want lots of heavy books taking up space on your book case or in a rucksack.

  • Invest in a Kindle they cost about ninety quid but is well worth it and it can save fortunes in books. Books on the kindle cost anywhere between £1 to 6.00 for new releases
  • If you don’t have kindle money and you have latest smart phone, iPhone or iPod touch down load the kindle app from the app store or marketplace.
  • if you prefer the paper copy, make you visit your local library and borrow the book. If that doesn’t work out, try visiting your local charity shops for books, It will cost you anywhere between 50p and £2.00.
  • You can also try out amazon and eBay for second hand books, although you sometimes have pay out for the postage and packaging.


We all like stationery whether it be for school, work, university and even personal use at home. But you do not want it costing you a fortune especially during these tough economic times.

  • Always make sure you buy the cheapest when it comes to paper, go to your local Tesco or asda and buy the value range for paper, it will cost you about 15p to 25p, but definitely beats paying £3.99 for something that essentially does the same thing.
  • Same also goes for envelopes, ring binders, plastic wallets and dividers.


Smart phones and mobile phones.
Everyone loves to communicate with friends, colleagues and family. But no one likes being out of credit or having large mobile phone bills you can’t get out of?

  • Instead of buying a pay as you go phone which can cost you a lot of money go into a shop like Phones 4u and ask for a contract. Simply explain to them what you use the phone for, how much you want to spend a month and what make and model you want.
  • My advice ask then to a coverage check for your area, no point paying £20 a month for a phone you can’t use.
  • Also check the battery life of the phone
  • Make sure you know how to lock your phone to save it making expensive calls in your bag, jean pocket or coat.

Supermarket Shopping

Everyone loves shopping but no-one loves supermarket shopping.  The dreaded busy and stressful environment, long queues, crying toddlers and kids running around thinking its a big adventure playground.

  • Firstly always makes sure you  eat before you go out shopping as if you are hungry you are more likely to buy more than you need and  also you don’t want to crash half way round Sainsburys or look like a drunk person.
  • Secondly always make sure you know what you want to spend to and stick to a budget, whether it be £100 pounds or £10 pounds stick to that amount.
  • Look out for those buy one get free deals
  • Buy certain items in bulk, whether it be a large box of cereal or shampoo. Look out for the large variety if you have large family or  its just you in the household. It will last you longer no mater what.
  • Want to try out a conditioner or shampoo but don’t want to pay expensive prices for something you may not like, try out the travel size range they can cost about 70p to £1.50, but it will save you fortunes if you don’t like it.
  • Instead of buying expensive brands for basics like rice, loo cleaner and vinegar, have a look at the value range that is cheap and it will save you money.
  • Always bring your own carrier bags or 10p bags as some supermarkets charge for the privilege for using the carrier bags.


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