Day 24 02/02/2012

Published 02/02/2012 by myworldmyblog

Today has been a very exhausting  but good day for me, I went shopping with my mum in Lakeside Shopping Centre and I bought a three tops from Primark including a lovely Lady Gaga top and Rihaana top. I cant wait to wear those tops in the spring and summer. I also bought a lovely zebra top from Dorothy Perkins with my 25% student discount. I also bought my mum a latte and a chocolate cookie as she bought me a pair of pyjamas.  So in return I got her the latte, cookie and necklace she wanted from Dorothy Perkins.

Then we went home and rested up for the evening, I also had a headache in the evening so I kept away from doing too many activities.  It’s almost impossible to concentrate when you have a headache, so using my computer was not the best of ideas

This is my favourite top i bought from Dorothy Perkins it cost me £22.99 and was reduced as I had my discount card

That’s it for the day

Good night all


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