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Day 7 BC Create a sneeze page for your blog

Published 02/29/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hi All

In this part of the 31 Day Blog Challenge for SITS,  I have to create a sneeze page for my blog and write about it on the forum. Then I realised I already had one create just needed to add the content which will be adding shortly. Anyway to explain what sneeze page is, here is my brief rundown.

A sneeze page is where bloggers would put a list of their posts together that have common them theme and provide links for followers. As I said below, I will shortly be incorporating it into my blog.

This is what I come up on the forum

“After reading this I realised I already have a sneeze page set up on my blog and I’m already starting to incorporate it into my blog as well. I will be having my weekly round up of favourite posts and weekly round up posts related to one subject. So I’m getting there.”


Day 6 BC Make your blog mobile friendly

Published 02/28/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hi All

As you know with the increase of mobile technology the public need their blogs to be accessible on all devices. Anything from ipads, mini netbooks to blackberrys. Your mission if you choose to accept it is to go through your blog and make it more mobile accessible, get other people to view it on their device to see if the graphics need moving about. So I chose  a few blog posts which I knew definitely needed tweaking and started making changes. I made the graphics less enormous but not too small, I spoke to my brother downstairs and viewed the site from his ipad and also went through my comments section and made some changes. Then I had another brainwave, what about creating “You Said We Did” page on my blog of my comments I get from followers etc and people who have viewed my blog like family and friends.

This is what I came up with on the forum

“After looking at few of my blog posts on other devices (my brothers ipad) and my ipod touch. I realised that my site is very mobile friendly although lots of tweaking needs to be done on the pictures to make them more mobile friendly. I recently received a comment from a follower and he/she said that a few of my pictures need to re-sized a little as just to fit on laptops. So I will be making those changes. It has also given me an idea for my page I could, I could do “you said we did” page of all the changes people have emailed to me about”

Dear College Fashion

Published 02/28/2012 by myworldmyblog

How do I break away from jeans without giving up trousers?

Somebody named “Pant-less” wrote to College Fashion about breaking away from jeans and just wearing just trousers. Here is what she put.


Ask CF A Question

Dear CF,

I don’t like wearing skirts or dresses very often. I only wear them for special occasions. Many bloggers tend to feature skirts and dresses on their blogs. What options are there for pants-wearers, especially for daytime without resorting to the old standby of wearing jeans?


College Fashion Advice

Dear Pant-less

Let me just start out by saying that I can totally relate to your question. Not that I don’t like wearing dresses and skirts, but I definitely tend towards pants — specifically jeans.

It has recently become one of my goals to try out some new combinations with different kinds of pants. So far I’ve only bought a pair of velvet burgundy skinnies, but because of how much I have loved playing with them in my wardrobe I am excited to some new kinds of pants for myself.

In short, coming from someone who wears jeans very often, switching it up once in a while is a great way to give your look an extra oomph. And it’s a lot of fun! I have created a few looks below that will hopefully inspire you to try this look out on your own. Good luck and have fun!



My Advice

Dear pant-less

I can definitely relate to your question some days jeans can be a bit boring. What about investing in a pair of Corduroy trousers (see below) Or you could get a pair of jeggings which are very ideal for going to uni and put on long cardigan and top or blouse.

I hope you find answers to your problem




Day 5 BC Monitor Statistics on Your Blog

Published 02/27/2012 by myworldmyblog

On day 5 of SITS improve your blog in 31 days was about statistics and I know they can a bit boring for readers. So I have just put the simpler ones up on the forum.  This is what I put.

Hi All
I am already monitoring my site and already I am getting 414 views since I started the blog in January to that works out to be a lot. I am also slowly getting more followers on twitter and I am viewing the pages. So far here are my stats
3 blog followers.
3 comment followers.
20 Twitter followers.
On the 22nd January was my busiest day with 73 views in one day. (WOW)
I had a look at my facebook fan page and three people and talking about it and 10 people have liked it.

Thanks jen@buriedwithchilldren

Letters from the editor

Published 02/27/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hi lovelies
It’s me here Ellana the editor and blogger of myworldmyblog. This week I have quite an interesting week ahead of me I have university on Monday and Friday and various appointments to get done as well as some studying for my course. I also having my parents going away to Norway for two weeks to see the northern lights so I have a few weeks parent free.

Anyway I’d better dash I have university to get to so I will see you all soon, just hope and pray that the trains are not delayed today they are driving me insane. So now it’s off to Chelmsford I go 🙂

Day 4 BC: Use a Magazine to Improve Your Blog

Published 02/26/2012 by myworldmyblog

In Day 4 of SITS challenge (Jen@Buried with children) suggested look at a magazine that’s already been published and note down some key pointers for example,  marketing, design, layout, post ideas and writing tips. So I chose Seventeen Magazine and this is what I put on the Forum

Today I am choosing Seventeen Magazine as magazine, so the magazine seems very girlie and it covers the basics of being a girl and topic range from nail vanishes, fashion, hair and beauty to music, whats on television and movies. I like the magazine because it’s not just full of gossip and headlining stories and also it’s aimed at young girls from sixteen onwards rather than forty somethings. I am definitely taking on board some of it’s features for example, the letters section, editors letter of the week (I love that idea and I am gonna use it on my blog) problem pages as well helpful advice and inspiration to us young gals out there. I would definitely recommend it to gals out there.

You can also check out their website at seventeen magazine and download the free app for iphone,ipad and ipod touch. I am also checking out new brands to potentially buy or promote on my blog.

From a design perspective, I love the layouts, colour scheme and I have picked up lots of inspiration and writing tips too. I also realised I needed to be a lot more chatty in some posts.