Day 21 30/01/2012

Published 01/30/2012 by myworldmyblog

Today has been great but quite a normal standard day at uni, I had my main lecture in the morning which went very well and then I had a four hours of waiting till my next seminar, I hate the long breaks I get at uni so did some studying in the library i had to clarify a few things in my notes and I headed off to the local town centre a few blocks from the university to get a few things,  I realised I needed to get some make up so i bought Beauty uk make up from superdrug and an cadburys cream egg.  I am always loosing make up at uni.  I also had to chase up my mobile phone’s insurance as I am cancelling that too. Then I headed back to the uni to sort out a few bits and then went back to library to do some studying, sort out my diary and some research for the research one project.

Well recommended if you want to create that day to night earth look which is very fashionable and recently was seen in Vogue and Glamour magazine. Earthy smokey eye effect is very fashionable at the moment and is seen on the catwalk.

Then I had some lunch and then did more studying and few blog posts as well. Then at 4pm I headed off to Marconi building for my equality and identity workshop/seminar with the group. The workshop went well, just wished my lecturer understood what I meant about the five giants.

Then after my two hour workshop/seminar I headed off home and just got home in time tea and the one show, then spent the rest of the evening watching tv and I did a few blog posts as well.


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