Day 19 28/01/2012

Published 01/28/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hi All

Todays been a lovely happy day 🙂 I watched Its all about Amy, Amy Child’s reality show about the ups and downs of running her own her salon in Brentwood. The documentary follows Amy Childs, the former TOWIE star ( The Only Way is Essex) with the ups of downs of press, fans, and television appearances whilst trying to juggle the responsibilities of running her own salon. In this episode,  the fans are causing havoc in the salon, her beloved pug Prince Charles had to go to the vet for treatment and she had an interview with ITV.









Then as I was feeling in a girlie mood,  I decided to go into town and get my hair and nails done, at first I wanted to to go Amy Child’s Salon and have it all done there but then I realised they didn’t do hair and I had to make an appointment as they were fully booked for the day. So I went to Gemini and decide I would like some highlights in my hair, so I opted for a bright red colour and then I decided to also have my those accrylic nails put in. It took about three to four hours in all getting it all done and for once I felt like a proper female rather than a laddish girl.











Check out their facebook profile

Then after my hair and nails, I made my way to my mum’s work place over the road and got the lift home from my brother. Then spent the rest of the day chilling with my laptop and watched casualty and then headed off to bed.

Highlight of the day

Meeting Harry Derbidge at Amy Childs Salon in the early afternoon.  Lucky me 🙂


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