Writing a good blog

Published 01/21/2012 by myworldmyblog

We all like blogging it can be a good place where you chill with your laptop and write what you have done for the day whether it be the daily activities or about the parking spaces in sainburys or whatever supermarket or service you use. You can blog almost everywhere and you don’t have to connected to the internet all the time, you can compose your blog on word or some other software or notepad and and copy and paste it over. You also don’t have to very formal and actually come over as chatty every language as you have probably noticed in my blogs.

Writing a good takes lots of practice, I mean somedays you might want to write full sentences with lots of paragraphs other days you might want to upload photos and write about something or there may be days where you might want stick to a few lists and photo. The choice is yours!

The best thing to rememeber when blogging is the following three principles.

  • Develop a writing style and tone appropriate to your subject material.
  • Post often, even if your posts are short.
  • Allow your readers to comment on your posts.

Develop a writing style thats appropiate for your subject

Whether it be dear diary for a journal of what you have done or your view on a particular subject or well rounded view on another remember to keep to the writing style you are comfortable with. Avoid jargon and slang terms the normal folk don’t understand, write your blog like talking to your best friend or family member in mind  and don’t make the blog feel like an essay. unless you are writing one.

Use bullet points and pictures to illustrate your points.

Don’t mention you have eight year old sister all the time, someone reading from your previous posts will know you have an eight year old sister or cat called Sassy. It will bore people to death and you will loose your readers attention

Also, before you even start writing your blog. have a look at others peoples blogs for what the put on the blogs, their style of writing, grammar and frequency, it may be the case that you like to blog every day or every other day.

Always carry a small note pad with you every time you go out whether it be to the local shops or seeing a friend/family member down the road or a long car journey/bus journey then you can jot down brief notes of what to write about. It doesn’t have to boring things like putting you got up got dressed, had cup of tea and fag  (I don’t smoke) But whatever takes your fancy

Update your blog

No-one wants to read a blog that only posts once every few months, what’s the point in blogging? if you are gonna be successful blogger it takes time, practice and perserance, okay for a few days you might want to spend a few hours getting to grips with the software and blogging s few introductory posts to get you started. If you find your self dreading your blog, maybe blogging isn’t the best hobby for you consider another hobby or simply change your subject area.

Don’t be afraid of writing about every day activities but don’t go too over the top, no one wants to know you had a shower at 7am this morning then went to the loo. Somedays may start like that, but whole world and it’s wife doesn’t need to know every movement of the day or your bowel/bladder movements. Too graphic for public blogs in my opinion.


Invite people you know or don’t know to comment on your blog and don’t be afraid to accept critism or suggestions from other people. If you do allow comments on your blog, make sure you moderate them before they go live especially as you don’t want spam messages or unwanted adverts selling viagra. Remember the audience of your blog, you might have ten year old reader or a an 80 year old reader. Keep it clean and sex free.


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