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Published 01/18/2012 by myworldmyblog

Hi all

I love blogging but there can be somedays when I don’t feel like blogging my day at all or I have run out of things to put for the day. You know what it is like, your writing a very long post on what you have done for the day and then the next you can’t seem to think of ideas. Here  are some useful suggestions I have found useful.

Review something

Whether it be the latest movie you have seen, the book you have read or a website you view frequently or someone else’s blog review it and give your own opinion

Pick a fight/argument

This can be quite hard thing to pull off your less experiences, but critise or rant/rave someone elses blog but keep anon, I may be someone you know or someone you don’t know just pick on their blog. It doesn’t have to be personal and don’t let it get to the stage where he/she is getting a law suit against you or you have been reported to your internet provider. But keep it anon otherwise you would not be possible and falling out with people because of blog ain’t the best of ideas. It maybe their choice of adverts or just the website in general but nothing too personal.

Make a list

Lists can be visual and quick and easy to get through or they could be a useful tool of helping you remember stuff, type on your blog what books you are gonna read, what are you going to do for the day/week and even write what you are gonna take on holiday to see a friend. But don’t go too OTT, the whole world doesn’t want to know that your buying a pint of milk and bread from tesco

Let someone else do the blogging for you

Find someone you know who has knowledge on particular subject you like and get them to write an article for you, but please acknowledge their work as passing stuff as your own is cheating and is plagiarism.

Project 365

Do a project 365 on your blog, it may seem confusing at first but just putting a photo or google pic (if  you don’t have camera) on your blog and something about what you did today can be a good reminder of what you have done today. I.E a picture of a starbucks cup would remind you of the day shopping with your mum or daughter/child/son etc.

Do something visual

Whether it be something of your own creation or your photography skills or even create montage of photos, but has gotta be some visual.

Reflect on something

Whether it be reflecting on what have done at work or studying or even what you have done with the kids, reflection is good learning tool to use on blogs. Could you have done something differently.

Write a simple how to

it’s simple have discussion or debate/arguement with a well known company, rant or rave their site, critise another blogger but do not create an enemy of yourself, being unpopular for your blog is not a good idea.

Interview someone

Whether it be the elderly neighbour talking about the “good ole days” or your parents talking about their education or health experience as child. Do an interview of someone you know of or if you are lucky someone famous. For example you didn’t know that Amy Childs from Towie lives near my town centre and has her own shop.


Suggest an idea

Suggest an idea for your blog it could your friends on facebook, a community forum you visit frequently or just ask around when you see your family and friends.

Blog an event

If you want to take your blog more seriously, consider blogging an event whether it be the eurovision song contest or gig you have just been too. You can also do a live blog as well providing you have internet, imagine you are on reporting the news on the telly or some entertainment magazine show like the one show.

Ask a question

This only works if you have generated readers to your blog, simply ask questions about a topics and even answer it in your own words or simply create a dicussion

Respond to something elsewhere on the web/media/tv

Lets say you have seen a news article in the news? Write about it in your own words copy direct quotes from the newspaper/article or magazine

Question and answers

Question and answers can a be quick way to attract people to your  blog, you know those  questions you get on facebook or emails. “This or that” or simply make up your questions. On my “All about my blog” page I created some questions get myself into blogging.

Write an article 

Imagine you a journalist for a well known company, write a article for a news paper/magazine giving different points of views. But remember three golden rules. State what you are gonna say, say it and say again to conclude like a essay. Even do your investigation on particular subject.. But please use references!


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