Day 6 15/01/2012

Published 01/15/2012 by myworldmyblog

Wii sports with friends and sleeping 🙂

Today has been a very quiet today, after spending the first night round my friends I am very exhausted as usual, I don’t think I will be do much today apart from catching up with some sleep and watching a few movies. My friend isn’t feeling too well either, she’s got a nasty cold and doesn’t feel too good either. Being an insominac is not for the faint hearted and is definitely not recommended. But we did end up staying in bed a lot during the day and I think I must of used most of teabags as I do like a cuppa tea.  We also had a lovely chicken and onion rings meal which was lovely and still had some chocolate from yesterday. Then her mates came over for the evening for the wii, by this time we was very shattered, my friend was a bit lively as usual she enjoyed playing the bowling game on the wii . I am sure she’s addicted to this game

I also had a huge payback for yesterdays journey and activities so I wasn’t the happiest of bunnies.

Cheese cakes and ovens do not mix Ella

Anyway we chilled for the rest of the night we also had a lovely cheese cake and some how I had a silly brain fog moment and thought cheese cakes are meant to go in the oven, at least I didn’t do it in reality otherwise I would of ended up  a very cremated and scrambled cheese cake. We did have a few problems but i don’t think a public blog is suitable for it as I am rather embarrassed. So please excuse if this  entry is cut short.


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