Day 4 13/01/2012

Published 01/13/2012 by myworldmyblog







Today has been quite a slow day i have needed a lot of rest recently so I am able to carry out my daily living activities. So firstly, I went for a small walk round the block somedays a small walk can be a bit a struggle yet other days its easier and i guess it’s it was one those days. I also got a few bits in the nearby shop (Conpany Magazine) and some chocolate and then i got home chilled for a bit and then  carried on with a few little tasks around the house. Then did some work on my blog. Then I had a random earache and dizzy spell so it’s probably back to the GP in few days if it persists any longer. I hope it’s not another ear infection that’s all I need.

Then this evening I watched 10 Years Younger on Really, this week it showed a woman of 42 with a poll age of 55, really she looked about 60 with her crappy looking clothes, yellow stained teeth, dull hair and old looking complexion. According to the channel 4’s microsite for the show. She had “An addiction to cigarettes, sunbathing and a staggering 20 cups of dehydrating coffee a day probably haven’t helped” Then throughout the programme she was transformed into a wonderful woman knocking 18 years off her poll age. All she needed was a bit of nip and tuck in the face, a bit of mascara, blusher and new wardrobe and she looked fabulous.


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