Day 3 12/01/2012

Published 01/12/2012 by myworldmyblog

Today has been a nother good day for me, I went with my parents to Sainburys to get food shopping which was great as I also love some freedom of buying whatever else I need like a a magazine or some chocolate so I bought the writers magazine and the latest issue of real people, I don’t really buy topical magazines like writers simply because I find them quite expensive, but this year I have decided that I am going to buy it on a monthly basis to keep me updated with writing and I never know I might consider doing a piece for the magazine. Watch this space 🙂

Anyway, then at 11:45 I had to head off a meet “Claire” in Costa Coffee in the other town, “Claire” is someone I have known for about six years and is my disability employment advisor and I am quite close to.  We spent about an hour and half discussing what’s been happening, and she kept my updated with whats been happening with her family and work. I also showed her a few useful iphone applications and now she has skydrive  ( on her iphone. Which is very useful if you have windows live email account (hotmail) I explained to her she can view and sometimes edit documents from her iphone and it saves time.

Then she dropped me back home and I did few bits around the house, went on my mac, watched a bit of television the usual quizes and news bulletins and spent the night doing some work around my blog. I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work at the moment. I think I have just realised how hard it can be to maintain a public blog.


3 comments on “Day 3 12/01/2012

    • Laura. I have considered doing a writing course with ou but I am low on funding I have already used most of my funding and plus I am considering combining media/journalism into my current course.

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