Day 2 11/01/2012

Published 01/11/2012 by myworldmyblog

Today has been one of those semi busy days, I firstly had a lot of phone calls in the morning I had to deal with. Although it was a inconvenient time for them as I was supposed to meeting “Jo” for coffee in Costa at 11 and I was already a little bit behind on schedule. Then, just as I was about to leave the door, I noticed the message on the table about the hoovering and washing. So I priotised left the hoovering to later and continued with the washing. By this time 11 I was fastly approaching and there was no way I could walk to my local town centre in five minutes flat with my energy, it takes twenty minutes as it is. So on the way down the town centre i called her to say that I was on my way and will be there soon, okay I did take a lot in me and I did definitely feel like I had run marathon with that walk. Then my phone’s battery had drained so I was left with a limited phone. Finally I met up with “Jo” in costa and it was quite busy we decided it would be best if we go to main town centre and have a coffee in Sainsburys Cafe. It was a lot cheaper as well and it was great because we chatted about old times at work, what she’s up too and what I am up too. The tea was nice too and it was great as I felt like known the person a long time. Then we went our seperate ways, I had to go and get some to eat from Greggs and she had to get a few bits and bobs in Sainburys. Then after I went to Gregs I got the bus home and then got in and finished off the hoovering. Then rested and waited till my mum got home from her walk. She was in one of her moods, basially i hadn’t told her I was out and she assumed I was in the house as I left one of the doors unlocked. She also couldn’t get through on my mobile either. Then, I carried on with a few bits and bobs throughout the house and spent the evening on my mac and watching some tv.

I also had some promotion work to do on my blog so I missed one born every minute on the 9pm slot. But I caught up with it on Channel 4+1 .

Please see link for episode guides 🙂


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